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Dog proof railings

Few things will make your dog happier and your life easier than a big, fenced-in yard. But because many dogs are escape artists, you must be sure to select a fence that will keep your canine contained. While there is no perfect fencing solution that will work for all dogs, there are a few options on the market that will likely keep your dog safe.

There are a number of reasons fenced yards are beneficial for dogs and their owners. Some of the most important include:.

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Fenced yards allow your dog to get more exercise. Just like their owners, dogs need regular exercise to remain healthy, fit, and trim. A fenced yard — even a relatively small one — will give him room to run, jump, and play, and encourage him to get plenty of exercise.

Fenced yards help prevent boredom. Fenced yards make bathroom breaks more convenient. Fenced yards may help your dog ward off criminals. Even relatively small dogs will often bark up a storm when strangers approach, so a fenced yard may help keep your home a bit safer. A fenced yard should not serve as a replacement for daily walks — your dog still needs the chance to cruise around the neighborhood, pee in all the right spots, and enjoy a change of scenery.

For example, if you normally walk your dog three times a day, a fenced yard may allow you to cut this down to a single, leisurely walk each afternoon. Just let your dog out in the backyard first thing in the morning and right before bed, and then take 20 minutes to explore the neighborhood with your pooch when you get home from work.

Some of the most important things to consider include:. Some fences are easier to install than others. For example, prefabricated vinyl fences are pretty easy to set up — even for those without much home improvement experience. On the other hand, privacy fences and some other styles will require plenty of time, effort, and expertise to install properly.

There are no right or wrong answers here; you like what you like. To avoid conflict with your neighbors, make sure that you know exactly where your property lines are located.

Fences represent a significant investment, and many will also require you to invest a lot of elbow grease during the installation process. This not only means selecting a fence made from durable materials, but also choosing one that features robust connection points. Different types of fences require different types of maintenance. Others, such as wrought iron fences which will rust over time, may need to be sanded periodically.

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Different dogs will present different challenges in this regard, so there is no single type of fence that will work in all cases. Make sure you factor in the installation and maintenance costs when making your choice. Different dogs tend to embrace different escape strategies, but most employ one of the following five methods. Jumpers and climbers can be thwarted relatively simply — just install a fence that is too tall for the dogs to clear.

Six to 8-foot-tall fences will suffice for most jumpers, and they will also make it harder for dogs to climb over the top. However, opting for a fence with a smooth surface will prove even more effective for containing climbers.If you live in the city then you know how important your balcony is when you need a bit of fresh air.

This usually means little to no green space. By dog proofing your balcony you provide them with a place where they can relax in the sun or shadetake in the fresh air, play in their very own pool and even do their business on a grass pad.

dog proof railings

Now, your balcony should never be considered a permanent all-day or night location for a dog; they still need adventurous daily walks and socialization with other dogs. But a properly prepped and setup terrace for your dog to explore can make for great fun. Plus, what plants to keep away from your dog and a helpful outdoor emergency potty solution.

There are different safety precautions to consider when letting your dog out on your balcony, and railing safety is the biggest one. Condos and apartments have different railing types and numerous floors of housing. Most railings provide the opportunity for any size dog to jump off, get stuck trying to squeeze through or even squeeze through the bars to escape or get hurt. Eliminate your worry of your pooch seeing a rabbit, another animal or any other distraction and wanting to chase after it.

Potential dog-proofing solutions include attaching plexi-panels, heavy-duty porch guard, netting or a screen material to the railing to eliminate any escape routes through the bars. For instance, if your dog is high energy and likes to chew on any material, a netting might not be the best solution for your balcony. You may want to try lining the railing with a chew-proof fence that is composed of fine chicken wire or plexiglass.

If at anytime you are not comfortable with your dog being on the terrace, then keep them inside. This can be dangerous because pets have a tendency to want to run or jump to get the toy they lost. If netting or plexiglass is not an option for where you live or your pooch is a daredevil, try a puppy bumper. This stuffed collar stops them from fitting through any fence or railing. This may take your canine some time to get use to.

You should expect a similar reaction to having a cone on, since it is around their neck.

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Collar bumpers can help curious dogs stay safe. Some plants and flowers that can harm your pet are:. If you still want flowers or plants on your balcony there are non-toxic alternatives, you can always get a flower box for your railing if you have a small pup or hanging baskets if you have a large pup. Some of the non-toxic options are:. Sprouts are an alternative to grass that you can grow on a balcony. If you believe that your dog may have ingested a poisonous plant or if you have any questions around toxic plants, you can always contact your local vet.

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dog proof railings

It has everything you need to know about soil, pruning, lighting, and caring for your indoor herbs and microgreens! Everything is more relaxing with a comfy bed or dog-friendly furniture. You will want to make sure it has a machine-washable cover and that it is made of durable waterproof fabric. The insert should also be weather resistant, similar to a plastic filling. This will help avoid mold setting in on rainy or snowy days. Natural materials like cotton are more likely to get a mildew smell when they get wet.

Tip: In the summer or warmer months, you may want to use a raised bed.Oh sweet, sweet fences. How much do I love thee? Let me count ways:. So clearly, fences are rad. Not only do they keep everyone safely contained, but they also allow you to do all kinds of fun stuff at home in your yard.

Playing at home is super handy if you have a DINOS and need a break from walking your dog or you need to exercise them prior to a walk. As you probably know, there are many different kinds of fences to choose from. Iron or Aluminum. As soon as we bought out first home last year, we hired some pros to install a fence.

We have a few acres, but could only fence in part of the yard. We chose six foot, solid wood fencing for the portion of our yard that faces the street.

The majority of our fence is the wire farm fencing. This allowed us to save a ton of money, but also provides unobstructed views of the rest of our property. It was a good day. Or your dog is a jumper, a digger, or a Chris Angel impersonator. Maybe your dog screams at passing skateboarders or the ice cream truck. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent these common dog-related fence problems escaping, reacting, being tormented :.

dog proof railings

And if you have a patroller, the landscaping will make the buffer zone between the fence and your dog a few feet wider, which might help your dog take the day off from guard duty. The reed fencing comes in 4 or 6 foot high panels and can be cut easily.

Or, you can feed plastic slats through your chain link fence. Some people just lay it on top of the grass and maybe add some rocks and garden gnomes to hold down the fort.

This site explains it well and has tons of other great tips. L Footer source. Concrete Footer: If you have a serious digger, consider pouring concrete along the perimeter of the fence line and sinking the bottom of the fence into the concrete before it dries.

Think rolling pins at the top of your fence. If your dog is a champion jumper, and none of this is enough, you may have to consider an expanded exercise area that is totally enclosed with a ceiling. Or a Bio-Dome sans Pauly Shore, since you actually like your dog.

You can score this lean-in kit here. I know of more than one family mine included whose backyard life got an extreme makeover when they put in one of these babies.

Best Dog Proof Fencing: Yard Containment For Your Canine!

So what is a redundant fence exactly? You can put up a secondary, internal fence on just one side of your yard — wherever the problems are occurring — or all four sides. The idea is to manage the situation with a secondary internal fence, set back from the common fence line, thereby preventing your dog from making bad choices, rehearsing behaviors like fence fighting, or escaping easily.I need to dog proof a fence.

This dog is super strong and can move just about anything.

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The dog can remove concrete cinder blocks, bricks, 2x4s, and rocks that we have placed along the bottom of the fence to try and prevent the constant digging. My yard is medium sized so a solution that is not very expensive would be nice. The soil here is dirt and clay material and super easy to dig through especially when it rains and the ground is wet.

Here are 5 solutions that have been proven to work to make your dog stop digging under your fence…. Bury a 3 to 4 foot tall chicken wire fence about 1. Bend it into an L shape so it touches the ground and the fence. Then dig 1 or 2 feet down near the bottom of the wood fence. Use a staple gun on the top 1 to 2 feet of the chicken wire and secure it to the wooden fence. Next, bury the other end of the chicken wire and cover it up with dirt.

Add huge rocks to where the most digging happens. Buy some railroad ties and line the entire bottom edge of the wood fence. If you want them to stay in place, stake them with rebar every 20 inches. This is back breaking work but it can solve the problem and your doggy will never leave your yard again.

Use a strong hot pepper powder. Use the hottest capsicum pepper powder you can find. Then spread it on the digging areas near the fence. Do this every two weeks and it is almost guaranteed your large or small puppy will never dig there again.

Rebar with bricks or concrete blocks can work well too. Hammer 3 to 4 foot pieces of rebar into the dirt a few inches from the bottom of the fence. Once the rebar is in place, put the large bricks or concrete blocks where the rebar goes right into the holes of the bricks. Once the bricks are in place use plastic caps on the ends of the rebar for safety. Cover the bricks with dirt if needed.

If you do not want to use rebar since it may be difficult to cut many pieces you can use 4 foot long and thick wooden stakes. The wood stakes can be used but may not be a true permanent solution rather than using rebar. Get an invisible fence.

You simply staple the wire to your normal fence. To test it make sure to turn the range all the way down. Then put the invisible fence collar on your dog. When your doggy gets close enough to the wire, your dog will start to figure out not to go near the fence again. Start with the setting on as low as possible.

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If needed then turn it up until it is enough of a deterrent to stop them. An invisible fence for dogs creates a boundary perimeter around your yard.Almost every condominium, apartment or home has a balcony or deck with railings.

dog proof railings

I learned of balcony danger after hearing of an unfortunate accident with my friends dog. My friend Debbie, lived in a beautiful home that had a back of house wooden deck. The deck was not high enough to cause injury, if the dog jumped through the railings. She was worried about leaving her dog Sade a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel alone on the deck because if she did jump through the railings, Sade would run away because she did not have a fenced yard.

So to protect her dog from running away, my friend put a leash on Sade and tied the leash to the deck furniture. In my friends attempt to be a responsible pet owner, she actually did more harm.

Sade did try to jump off the balcony and when she jumped through the railings, the leash ended up choking her and Sade died. I am telling you this horrific story because when I heard it I was devastated, for the tragic loss and for my friend and what she must have went through emotionally. Balcony and deck railings vary greatly in widths, depending upon when the railings were manufactured and installed.

Today there are specific widths that are required in order to protect the owners from their human children from falling through. But no measures are made to protect the pet owners.

I have seen a lot of different ways people have tried to block the gaps in the railings. I have also tried them all. There is netting, plastic garden fencing and metal fencing. I have also seen inflatable tubes you attach to your dogs neck, which stops your dog from fitting between the railings. The netting is weak and is not very secure. The plastic garden fencing is simply hideous to look at and the metal fencing rusts.

I created my own protection for my dogs, and it only took about an hour to install. I also purchased a bag of nylon cable ties. I used my handy Dremel and made holes for the cable ties in each acrylic sheet. Then it was simply attaching the acrylic sheet to the railing and attaching the nylon cable tie.

Now, my dogs are protected from falling through the railings and the acrylic sheets are clear, so they basically disappear. Plus, there is no metal so there is no rusting. This is a nice, clever solution to a potentially tragic situation. Your email address will not be published.It seems that wherever you go these days, downtown cores are rife with high-rise condos filled with car-less and lawn-less urbanites who just thrive on that inner-city vibe.

And, because life without dogs is life without our best buddies, it also seems that in spite of ultra-tight square footage and non-existent personal green space, these same city-folk have found a way to carve out room to incorporate canine companionship into their lives. How cool is that?! If done properly, your balcony can provide Rover with a place where he can lay in the sun, listen to the birds, and even do his business.

Please, though, make no mistake.

7 things you need to do to dog proof your balcony

These tips are not to facilitate the replacement of the physical and mental stimulation received from a good walk to the local park. And for the best interest of your dog, it should never be considered a permanent location for your pooch.

Even planter baskets and hanging planters can come down in the wind, so ensure whatever you are growing is safe in case your pooch turns it into his breakfast.

Did you realize that common container plants that such as: rhododendron, azalea, hydrangea, English ivy, and clematis can be highly dangerous? There are tons of other plants that are beautiful on balconies but are also pup-safe. We all appreciate the importance of handy access to these products but on your balcony that can spell disaster when Rover decides to explore.

Store chemicals inside your apartment or invest in a lockable container that can be kept close-at-hand, but inaccessible to busy boys. Even better, consider using non-toxic products that will do the job without the chemicals.

One of our favorite lockable storage containers is this one from Suncast because it also gives you more storage space—a perk in many places where balconies are additional living space. Even the most trained dogs may have a mistake moment, so you want to be prepared. Trust us on this one. Railings provide a deadly opportunity for any size dog to squeeze through and get stuck, or worse. Similar is our concern about smaller dogs if the balcony is on a higher floor and subject to heavier wind activity.

Something else to consider with little dogs is the odds of predatory birds seeking balconies out as buffet stops.

You may have our recommended boot mats already out there but you might want to also consider something like these rubber stair mats in a floor pattern to allow safe walking in inclement weather. Balconies are typically shallow and can get sunny, water bowls get tipped, loud noises or thunderstorms can make an unexpected appearance and frightened dogs will bolt.

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Christina Peden thinks so —A specially designed curved fence extension stops dogs from escaping. Our Straight Arm Containment System raises the height of existing fence up to 3 feet. It features vertical posts that extend the height of your existing fence to deter jumping.

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Our Dig Proofer System stops dogs and other animals from digging under your fencing. Our Wide Gap Fence System stop smaller dogs from escaping through gaps in fencing. Our system uses galvanized and coated welded wire to prevent dogs slipping through openings in the fence.

With more than 50, pets protected worldwide, you can fully rely on our expertise. If your dog is jumping or climbing over your fence, digging under it, or going through it, we can help. The Patented Dog Proofer systems are a one of a kind purpose-built solution to keep your pets safely inside your fence enclosure outdoors. Our fence extension and digging solutions are built from materials that are made to last. We offer only the most durable components that are purpose built to install easily and last for years to come.

We make it easy to get answers, installation help, or to place an order. Connect with us by phone, email, or live chat. Close menu. Help DogProofer. What is Dog Proofer? Exceptional Quality Components We offer only the most durable components that are purpose built to install easily and last for years to come.

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